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Habbocalypse Bundle & Codes

Posted by Seashellxx on the 08th of September 2018

Read 951 times by 458 people

The Habbocalypse Bundle coming back! Plus new codes found for Halloween 2018!

Habbocalypse Bundle

The Habbocalypse Bundle is HERE! Take shelter or take sides with either the Lost Souls or the Light Guardians! Conjure up your own apocalyptic rooms, fight for your life and batten down the hatches - it's going to be a rough Habboween! Includes EXCLUSIVE Haunted Phone Booth furni + badge.


badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab10=Cleaned 20 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab1=Cleaned 2 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab2=Cleaned 4 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab3=Cleaned 6 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab4=Cleaned 8 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab5=Cleaned 10 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab6=Cleaned 12 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab7=Cleaned 14 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab8=Cleaned 16 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_ACH_InfectedLab9=Cleaned 18 Infected Laboratory items

badge_name_LAB01=Infected Laboratory Bundle

badge_name_LAB02=Testing Facility Bundle

badge_name_LAB03=80s Living Room Bundle

badge_name_LAB04=Habbocalypse Bundle

badge_name_LAB05=RARE Axe to the Head

badge_name_LAB06=RARE Cyber the Cyborg Dog

badge_name_LAB07=RARE Vampire Grimace

badge_name_LAB08=RARE Antique Chemistry Set

badge_name_LAB09=Toby LTD

badge_name_LAB10=Habboween Sleepover - Hween 2018

badge_name_LAB11=Murderous Toys - Hween 2018

badge_name_LAB12=Saved from a Certain Death - Hween 2018

badge_name_LAB13=Reviving Bellarose - Hween 2018

badge_name_LAB14=Shady Government Agencies - Hween 2018

badge_name_LAB15=A Special Formula - Hween 2018

featured.offer.bundle228.title=Infected Laboratory Bundle

featured.offer.bundle229.title=Testing Facility Bundle

featured.offer.bundle230.title=80s Living Room Bundle

featured.offer.bundle94.title=Habbocalypse Bundle

featured.offer.lab18axe.title=RARE Axe to the Head

featured.offer.lab18chem.title=RARE Antique Chemistry Set

featured.offer.lab18cloth.title=Infected Laboratory clothing

featured.offer.lab18dog.title=RARE Cyber the Cyborg Dog

featured.offer.lab18ltd.title=Toby LTD

featured.offer.lab18new.title=Infected Laboratory furni

featured.offer.lab18vamp.title=RARE Vampire Grimace

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc=Jumpstart your Habboween crafting achievement with this one time offer for 10x Super Strength Bleach!

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=10x Super Strength Bleach Offer!



Infected Laboratory Bundle

Let us know what you think to these in the comments below!

Credit: Puhekupla

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