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New furni & offers!

Posted by Seashellxx on the 02nd of August 2018

Read 944 times by 407 people

New furni and offers that will be coming soon! 


["hotel_c18_awning","Hotel Awning",""]

["hotel_c18_block1","Lower Hotel Wall",""]

["hotel_c18_block2","Tall Hotel Wall",""]

["hotel_c18_cypress","Cypress Tree",""]

["hotel_c18_foundation","Hotel Foundation",""]

["hotel_c18_fountain","Courtyard Fountain",""]

["hotel_c18_pool","Hotel Swimming Pool",""]

["hotel_c18_rail","Hotel Rail",""]

["hotel_c18_roof","Roof Corner",""]

["hotel_c18_rooftop","Hotel Roof",""]

["hotel_c18_stairs","Hotel Staircase",""]

["hotel_c18_tree","Round Tree",""]

 Zen Garden:

["zengarden_c18_divider","Zen Divider",""]

["zengarden_c18_door","Zen Glass Door",""]

["zengarden_c18_glasspond","Zen Glass Pond",""]

["zengarden_c18_light","Zen Uplighter",""]

["zengarden_c18_moss","Mossy Zen Rocks",""]

["zengarden_c18_peacefrog","Zen Frog Statue",""]

["zengarden_c18_pebbles","Pebbled Floor Tile",""],

["zengarden_c18_plankfloor","Zen Garden Plank",""]

["zengarden_c18_roof","Zen Garden Roof",""]

["zengarden_c18_roofcorner","Zen Garden Roof Corner",""]

["zengarden_c18_rootplant","Zen Bonsai Tree",""]

["zengarden_c18_spikeyplant","Zen Shrub",""]

["zengarden_c18_stonebench","Crafted Stone Bench",""]

["zengarden_c18_stonetable","Crafted Stone Table",""]

 New offers:

["rm_dbl_tto22a","50 per cent Off 220 Credits","Get 220 credits and diamonds for the price of 110 credits! Offer available for 48 hours, limited to 3 per person"]

["rm_dbl_tto22b","50 per cent Off 60 Credits",""]

["rm_dbl_tto23a","50 per cent Off 40 Credits","Get 40 credits and diamonds for the price of 20 credits! Offer available for 48 hours, limited to 1 per person"]

["rm_dbl_tto23b","50 per cent Off 30 Credits",""]

Zen Garden

landing.view.sep18chest.body=These chests contain one of 16 EPIC classic rares from Habbo's rich history. Available for 24 hours, don't miss out!

landing.view.sep18chest.button=See the chest!

landing.view.sep18chest.header=RARE Teal Chest of Light

["hhistory_r18_crackable","Teal Chest of Light",""]
["rare_colourable_parasol_3","Teal Parasol",""]
["rare_colourable_pillar_3","Doric Teal Pillar",""]
["rare_colourable_pillow_3","Teal Pillow",""]
["rare_colourable_scifidoor_3","Teal Spaceship Door",""]
["rare_colourable_scifiport_3","Teal Laser Portal",""]
["rare_colourable_scifirocket_3","Teal Smoke Machine",""]
["rare_colourable_sleepingbag_3","Teal Sleeping Bag",""]
["rare_colourable_wooden_screen_3","Teal Oriental Screen",""]
["rare_colourable_barrier_3","Teal Road Barrier",""]
["rare_colourable_beehive_bulb_3","Teal Amber Lamp",""]
["rare_colourable_dragonlamp_3","Teal Dragon Lamp",""]
["rare_colourable_elephant_statue_3","Teal Elephant Statue",""]
["rare_colourable_fan_3","Teal Powered Fan",""]
["rare_colourable_fountain_3","Teal Fountain",""]
["rare_colourable_icecream_3","Teal Ice Cream Maker",""]
["rare_colourable_marquee_3","Teal Marquee",""]

landing.view.sep18fountain.body=This fountain is the perfect addition to any zen garden. Don't miss out - this furni is rare and will never be sold again!

landing.view.sep18fountain.button=See the rare

landing.view.sep18fountain.header=RARE Zen Garden Fountain!

["zengarden_r18_fountain","Zen Garden Fountain",""]

landing.view.sep18hair.body=This fabulously wavy new hairstyle is rare, and never to be sold again. Pick one up while you can - you won't regret it!

landing.view.sep18hair.button=See the rare

landing.view.sep18hair.header=RARE Long Wavy Locks!

["clothing_r18_longwavy","Long Wavy Locks",""]

landing.view.sep18hotel.body=The original hotel view is a legendary and iconic piece of our history, and this bundle represents it perfectly. Pick one up while you can!

landing.view.sep18hotel.button=See the bundle!

landing.view.sep18hotel.header=NEW Classic Hotel View Bundle

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below! Are you excited for a certain new furni coming soon?! 

Credit: Puhekupla

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