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New: Furni Sketches for May 2018

Posted by Ell on the 03rd of April 2018

Read 704 times by 457 people

Below is some sketches and codes on the furni campaign coming out in May 2018!

landing.view.may18breakfast.body=Cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sound good? Make sure to check out this bundle! (Includes 3x EXCLUSIVE Cereal Selection furni).

landing.view.may18breakfast.button=See the bundle

landing.view.may18breakfast.header=Breakfast of Champions Bundle

landing.view.may18classic.body=Don't miss your one and only chance to pick up this classic piece of Habbo's rich history! Available for a short time only.

landing.view.may18classic.button=See the rare

landing.view.may18classic.header=Classic Rare AVAILABLE NOW!

landing.view.may18doll.body=Calling all Asiaphiles! Rare Ball-Jointed Dolls are available NOW for a limited time only.

landing.view.may18doll.button=See the rare

landing.view.may18doll.header=RARE Ball-Jointed Doll

landing.view.may18furni.body=Go check out the furni we've brought back for Habbo in the House!

landing.view.may18furni.button=See the furni

landing.view.may18furni.header=Selected Classic Furni Returns!

landing.view.may18games.body=This bundle containts some of the most technically advanced gaming equipment ever made! Contains a selection of furni exclusive to this bundle.

landing.view.may18games.button=See the bundle

landing.view.may18games.header=NEW: Pro Gamer Bundle



landing.view.may18habitat.body=Habbos - make sure to go and check out our BRAND NEW range of pet habitats!

landing.view.may18habitat.button=See the bundle

landing.view.may18habitat.header=NEW: Pet Habitat Bundles

landing.view.may18laundry.body=Calling all clean freaks: this bundle is for you! Contains a selection of furni exclusive to this bundle.

landing.view.may18laundry.button=See the bundle

landing.view.may18laundry.header=NEW: Habbo Laundry Bundle


landing.view.may18paint.body=Collectors! A handful of new Habbo paintings are now available in the Catalogue.

landing.view.may18paint.button=See the paintings

landing.view.may18paint.header=NEW Diamond Paintings!

["diamond_painting20","Lunch atop the Hotel",""]
["diamond_painting21","The Empty Inventory",""]
["diamond_painting22","Marketplace Man",""]
["diamond_painting23","Self-Portrait of Frank",""]
["diamond_painting24","The Duck Woman",""]
["diamond_painting25","Sunflowers in your Inventory",""]
["diamond_painting26","The Persistence of Furni",""]
["diamond_painting27","Lido Nostalgia",""]
["diamond_painting28","Frank's Love",""]
["diamond_painting29","Misplaced Duck",""]
["diamond_painting30","Frank's Mother",""]

landing.view.may18piccolo.body=We decided to bring back a total classic this month - the Piccolo Halls Bundle! (New and exclusive badge included).

landing.view.may18piccolo.button=See the bundle

landing.view.may18piccolo.header=Piccolo Halls Room Bundle

landing.view.may18pig.body=Our brand new (rare) Golden Piggy Bank credit furni is in the Catalogue now. Get one while you can - they're available for a limited time only!

landing.view.may18pig.button=See the furni

landing.view.may18pig.header=RARE Golden Piggy Bank Credit Furni!

["CF_750_goldenpig","Golden Piggy Bank",""]

landing.view.may18vacuum.body=Deluxe Vaccuum Cleaners are available NOW for a limited time only! (New and exclusive badge included).

landing.view.may18vacuum.button=See the rare

landing.view.may18vacuum.header=RARE Deluxe Vaccum Cleaner

Credits to: puhekupla

Comment below your thoughts on this!

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