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Easter 2018 - New Codes + Achievements

Posted by Rae on the 02nd of February 2018

Read 1753 times by 1066 people

Easter 2018

Habbo have released more information about the easter line, which includes achievement badges.

Take a look.

landing.view.easter18bonzai.body=The perfect centrepiece for any indoor OR outdoor garden, this fountain is a must have for any aspiring collector. Emanates tranquility.
landing.view.easter18bonzai.button=See the Rare!
landing.view.easter18bonzai.header=RARE Bonzai Fountain!


landing.view.easter18bunny.body=Which bunny breed have you always wanted? Hold that thought. Now visit the Catalogue - they're ALL there!
landing.view.easter18bunny.button=See the Bunnys
landing.view.easter18bunny.header=Pick up a Bunny Pet!


landing.view.easter18chick.body=This Easter, we bring you avian cuteness on demand. Chick, or pigeon? Pigeon... or chick? Why not both?
landing.view.easter18chick.button=See the Chicks
landing.view.easter18chick.header=Chick and Pigeons Available!



landing.view.easter18clothing.body=Our designers have crafted a selection of new clothing for you all! Will you collect them all?
landing.view.easter18clothing.button=See the Clothing!
landing.view.easter18clothing.header=NEW Clothing!


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

landing.view.easter18coop.body=This bundle contains CHICKENS! Feed them, raise them, or fry them. Also comes with 15 exclusive White Snowdrop Patches.
landing.view.easter18coop.button=See the bundle
landing.view.easter18coop.header=Chicken Coop Bundle


landing.view.easter18forest.body=Stuffed FULL of classic Easter furni, the Enchanted Forest bundle is a real steal of a deal. Included are 15 exclusive White Lupin Patches.

landing.view.easter18forest.button=See the bundle

landing.view.easter18forest.header=Enchanted Forest Bundle


landing.view.easter18garden.body=Double the size, double the value! Built exclusively with the new Easter Garden furni. Included are 15 exclusive White Rose Patches.

landing.view.easter18garden.button=See the bundle

landing.view.easter18garden.header=Easter Garden Bundle


landing.view.easter18gnome.body=It's that time of year! Now is your chance to pick up both Gnomes AND Obbah Wobbahs. Don't miss out!

landing.view.easter18gnome.button=See the Pets

landing.view.easter18gnome.header=Gnome + Obbah Wobbahs Now Available!

Obbah Wobbahs


landing.view.easter18habberge.body=This magnificient Habberge Egg is available in extremely limited numbers. Will YOU be one of the owners?

landing.view.easter18habberge.button=See the LTD!

landing.view.easter18habberge.header=OUT NOW: Butterfly Habberge Egg LTD!


landing.view.easter18hat.body=Keep your head warm with this cute little bunny hat! Get one while you can: they're not in the Catalogue for long!

landing.view.easter18hat.button=See the Rare!

landing.view.easter18hat.header=RARE Bunny Hat!



landing.view.easter18lepre.body=Mischevious little Irish trouble makers and lovely gentle Cows... two pets you don't want to miss out on. Get yours today!

landing.view.easter18lepre.button=See the Pets

landing.view.easter18lepre.header=Leprechaun and Cow Pets available!

Cow Pets - Leprechaun

landing.view.easter18mammoth.body=Awwww... a bunny the size of a car. Who could resist? She's ADORABLE! Available for a limited time only!

landing.view.easter18mammoth.button=See the Rare!

landing.view.easter18mammoth.header=RARE Mammoth Bunny!

RARE Mammoth Bunny


landing.view.easter18mask.body=Only available for a short time, this mask is the PERFECT accessory to wear around the Hotel this Easter.

landing.view.easter18mask.button=See the Rare!

landing.view.easter18mask.header=RARE Bunny Mask!



landing.view.easter18new.body=We've been hard at work preparing a brand new furni line - Easter Garden. It's just been released, go and have a look!

landing.view.easter18new.button=See the furni

landing.view.easter18new.header=NEW: Easter Garden Furni!

landing.view.easter18old.body=It's that time of year, Habbos. All your Easter favourites have landed in the Catalogue. Pick them up while you can!

landing.view.easter18old.button=See the furni

landing.view.easter18old.header=BACK: Classic Easter Furni!

landing.view.easter18tree.body=Pick up your own little Easter treehouse hideaway this year! Included are 15 exclusive White Tulip Patches. Built by Frission (.COM)

landing.view.easter18tree.button=See the bundle

landing.view.easter18tree.header=Easter Treehouse Bundle


badge_name_EGA10=Easter Garden Giveaway Winner

badge_name_EGA11=Easter Rescue - Cows

badge_name_EGA12=Easter Rescue - Bunnys

badge_name_EGA13=Easter Rescue - Chicks

badge_name_EGA14=Easter Rescue - Pigeons

badge_name_EGA15=Easter Rescue - Obbah wobbahs

badge_name_EGA16=Easter Rescue - Gnomes & Leprechauns

badge_name_EGA17=2018 Easter Egg (1/10)

badge_name_EGA18=2018 Easter Egg (2/10)

badge_name_EGA19=2018 Easter Egg (3/10)

badge_name_EGA20=2018 Easter Egg (4/10)

badge_name_EGA21=2018 Easter Egg (5/10)

badge_name_EGA22=2018 Easter Egg (6/10)

badge_name_EGA23=2018 Easter Egg (7/10)

badge_name_EGA24=2018 Easter Egg (8/10)

badge_name_EGA25=2018 Easter Egg (9/10)

badge_name_EGA26=2018 Easter Egg (10/10)

1 Flower Patch grown - 80 Flower Patches grown

Crafted 1 Friendship Fusion item - Crafted 5 Friendship Fusion items

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist10=80 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist1=1 Flower Patch grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist2=5 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist3=10 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist4=20 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist5=30 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist6=40 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist7=50 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist8=60 Flower Patches grown

badge_name_ACH_AdvancedHorticulturist9=70 Flower Patches grown

What do you think about these?

Would you take part in the achievement?

Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Puhekupla

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