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February Rares & Valentines Furni Update.

Posted by Rae on the 11th of January 2018

Read 677 times by 418 people

Habbo have announced the following rares that may be released over February.

They have also shared some of the furni that will also be coming out over the Valentines period!

Take a look!

landing.view.feb18tqfan.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18tqfan.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18tqfan.header=Rare Turquoise Powered Fan

Rare Turquoise Powered Fan

landing.view.cny.body=Come celebrate this Chinese New Year's animal with us - it's the year of the Dog!

landing.view.cny.button=See the furni!

landing.view.cny.header=Chinese New Year

["china_dog","Dog Statue",""]

["china_pstr9","Dog Poster",""]

landing.view.feb18blue.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18blue.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18blue.header=Rare Blue Kimberlite Fountain

Rare Blue Kimberlite Fountain

landing.view.feb18cftree.body=Collectors, take note: this Credit Tree is exchangeable for 500 credits and is only ever being sold ONCE. Get one while you can!

landing.view.feb18cftree.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18cftree.header=NEW Rare Credit Tree

["CF_500_moneytree","Credit Tree",""]

landing.view.feb18doric.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18doric.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18doric.header=Rare Doric Pink Marble Pillar

Rare Doric Pink Marble Pillar

landing.view.feb18game.body=This Safer Internet Day, Nina (a pro bartender) is giving a series of lessons about the perpetrators and victims of internet bullying. YOU have the unique chance to not only contribute to a better internet, but also earn a whopping FIVE different badges from five different games, running from Monday to Friday this week. Added to this is a the chance to win a unique and brand new trophy given to all Habbos that answer all of Friday's quiz questions correctly!

landing.view.feb18game.button=Open the Navigator!

landing.view.feb18game.header=Safer Internet Day 2018

["trophy_netsafety_0","Safer Internet Day Trophy 2018",""]

badge_name_CCS01=Against Video Fighters - SID 2018

badge_name_CCS02=Against Revenge porn - SID 2018

badge_name_CCS03=Against Exposure - SID 2018

badge_name_CCS04=Against anonymous bullying - SID 2018

badge_name_CCS05=Create, Connect and Share Respect - SID 2018

landing.view.feb18rarecny.body=Are YOU going to miss the chance to stock up on this invaluable, prized and expertly-crafted Year of the Dog balloon?

landing.view.feb18rarecny.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18rarecny.header=Rare Dog Balloon

["cny18_dogballoon","Dog Balloon",""]

landing.view.feb18shishi.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18shishi.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18shishi.header=Rare Shishi Odoishi

Rare Shishi Odoishi

UPDATE - 10/01

landing.view.feb18amber.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18amber.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18amber.header=Rare Yellow Amber Lamp

Rare Yellow Amber Lamp

landing.view.feb18para.body=They've FINALLY arrived. Pick one of these classic items of furni up quickly, Habbos - they won't be available for long!

landing.view.feb18para.button=See the rare!

landing.view.feb18para.header=Rare Violet Parasol

Rare Violet Parasol

Valentine's Day 2018

landing.view.val18bed.body=Need a centrepiece for your freshly constructed love shack? Look no further. The Four Poster Bed is for YOU.

landing.view.val18bed.button=See the rare!

landing.view.val18bed.header=NEW Rare Four Poster Bed

["val_r18_bed","Four Poster Bed",""]

landing.view.val18cloth.body=Clothing collectors - we're positive you'll all absolutely LOVE the new hairstyles and hat we've made. Check them out!

landing.view.val18cloth.button=See the clothing!

landing.view.val18cloth.header=NEW Clothing!

More information (1) (2)

landing.view.val18dress.body=Turn heads with this absolutely FABULOUS rare Heart Dress. Available for a very limited time only - get one while you can!

landing.view.val18dress.button=See the rare!

landing.view.val18dress.header=NEW Rare Heart Dress

["clothing_r18_dress","Heart Dress",""]

landing.view.val18furni.body=We've put together several exquisite items of furni, including an ADORABLE Regal Swan. Pick them up while they're in stock!

landing.view.val18furni.button=See the furni!

landing.view.val18furni.header=NEW Valentine's Furni!

["val_c18_chest","Ornate Chest",""]

["val_c18_cupboard","Ornate Cupboard",""]

["val_c18_swan","Regal Swan",""]

landing.view.val18princess.body=We revamped the hugely popular Elegant Bundle... and made everything PINK! Included is an exclusive Princess Kitty.

landing.view.val18princess.button=See the bundle!

landing.view.val18princess.header=NEW Princess Bundle

landing.view.val18swan.body=Here's your chance to pick up a fantastically picturesque and romantic scene, as well as several of our brand new Regal Swans!

landing.view.val18swan.button=See the bundle!

landing.view.val18swan.header=Swan Lake Bundle


What do you think a bout these?

Would you purchase any of these?

Let us know in the comments!

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