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Habbo LTD Sales Data

Posted by Angelic on the 06th of January 2018

Read 1354 times by 881 people

Below is interesting information and data about LTD's that have been released on .COM Habbo

The most abundant
It’s the rare in most quantity on Hotel, that is, in absolute numbers.

Black Scifi Pod
Release date: 2012-04-06
Items available: 2000
Items sold: 2000
Price: 50
Coins spent: 100,000

Black Scifi Pod.png
The most rare
It’s the rare in least quantity on Hotel, that is, in absolute numbers.

Homme Fashionista
Release date: 2014-03-28
Items available: 108
Items sold: 33
Price: 450
Coins spent: 14,850


Best Selling
These are the rare ones with all the items sold. There are 75 furnis here. So I’ll send only the names.

Black Leviathan
Cherry Tree
Black Scifi Pod
Black Dino Egg
Evil Bunny Lair
Rainbow occasional table
Rainbow plasto chair
Rainbow square dining table
Rainbow round dining table
Rainbow pod chair
Rainbow four-leg table
Darkstar Dragons
Throbbing Monster Fountain
Javelin Statue
Cloud Throne
Pearl Dragon Egg
Golden Bathtub
Stone Knight
Santa Throne
Santa's Workbench
Pink Dragon Lamp
Pillow - Silver
Pillow - Bronze
Yohand Comeere easel
Victor Vangoof easel
Carl Waddlesworth III easel
Lennard David Cheep easel
A.P. Plumage
Easter Dino Egg
Rare Arcade Cabinet
Mystic Fountain
Holo Nelly
Palooza Kiosk
golden_apple name
Demonic Sheep
2014 LTD Rare
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg
Chirp Chirp Egg
Dark Sapphire & Diamond Egg
Professor's Lectern LTD
Snow Globe LTD
Samurai Suit of Armour
Marshmallow Bunny
Hard Candy Bunny
Melting Mint Chocolate Bunny
Dark Chocolate Bunny
White Chocolate Bunny
Mahogany Conference Desk
Army HumVee
Jurassic Meganeura LTD
T-Rex Bone Throne
Boulevard Fountain
Horseman of War
Horseman of Famine
Horseman of Pestilence
Horseman of Death
Bavarian Nutcracker
Glowing Reindeer
Christmas Wishing Well
Frozen Fountain
Verdant Habberge Egg
Efflorescent Habberge Egg
Dragon Habberge Egg
Burnished Habberge Egg
Miss Olympus
The Wraith
Gold Plated Organ
Goddess of Harvest
Hellfire Dragon

Worst Selling
It’s the calculation of the amount of furnis available in relation to sold.

Habbo World Cup 2014
Release date: 2014-06-14
Selling rate: 30.0%
Items available: 120
Items sold: 36
Price: 500
Coins spent: 18,000

Habbo World Cup 2014.png

Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold with badge.

Selling rate: 97.4%
8386 items available
8169 items sold

No Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold without badge.

Selling rate: 82.9%
19942 items available
16548 items sold

Sales per year
It’s the rate of furnis sold in relation to the amount of furnis available each year.

2012: 83.4%
2013: 95.8%
2014: 74.0%
2015: 100.0%
2016: 100.0%
2017: 89.8%

Credit to Puhekulpa

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