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NEW Bonus Bag furniture

Posted by Atlantic on the 03rd of December 2017

Read 737 times by 455 people

On Habbo, if you buy a total of 120 credits directly from Habbo, you will receive the following in a Bonus Bag 4.

The previous bonus bag could contain the following prizes:

1. A Rare Furni
2. 5 Credits
3. 3 days extra of HC

The prizes will remain the same, except for the Rare Furni which will be different every 3 months! In this Bonus Bag, you will find different types of bouquets.

The different types of bouquets are:

 Bouquet of Scarlet Roses

Bouquet of Purple Roses

Bouquet of Cerulean Roses

Bouquet of Rose Roses

Bouquet of Ocher Roses

 Bouquet of Fuchsia Roses

What do you think of the new bonus bags items? Will you be trying to get them?

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