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Reducing Moderation Workload

Posted by Ben on the 18th of September 2017

Read 408 times by 316 people

Reducing Moderation Workload

Hiring staff to moderate the hotel is expensive, and as Habbo has developed and grown over its lifetime, increasingly more moderators have been needed to cater to the task of moderating user generated content. Habbo needed a scalable solution to this problem, which would not only maintain community standards but keep losses low such that compromise may not be needed for running other aspects of the game.

TwoHat address how Habbo have incorporated their moderation tool to resolve Habbo's issue of maintaining their moderation standard with the exponentially expanding community.

"Habbo used Two Hat Security’s flagship content filter and moderation tool Community Sift to implement their new approach to community moderation."  This tool identifies high-risk content and analyses whether to post or filter said content by basing it on Habbo's community standards. The tool also discriminates users based on their reputation, assessing how often they post high-risk content and applying a more, or less, restrictive filter to the user based on their past behavior.

In addition to filtering such content, auto-sanctions are deployed to take action on users who regularly break rules. This means community standards are enforced in real-time, giving rapid feedback and users the opportunity to correct their behavior.

Habbo has full access to the Community Sift tool and can reprogram the AI to pick up on new or reported language trends.

Since introducing Sift, Habbo has managed to reduce 70% of moderator workload, freeing funds to go towards focussing on user experience and engaging with the community. As a result of this the moderation team have had the time to help maintain user trust throughout the transition period, including listening to users through a forum and addressing their complaints.

Read the full article here at TwoHat's website.

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