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New Currency and Updates

Posted by Pulx on the 13th of September 2017

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Hi everyone,

New Currency

I'm pleased to announce the release of our new Premium Currency 'Crystal Hearts' these can be obtained by exchanging 1,000 Tokens for 1 in the Shop or through donating to the site. Crystal Hearts will be required for a number of Premium aspects of the site including VIP (except for Emerald VIP).

Token Changes

 In response to the recent changes to our shop, we've increased the amount of tokens you can earn through the site as a normal user and made some slight changes to the Staff earnings too.

These changes are to help re-balance the Token economy and also create some rarity and collection around some of our products.

To see a full list of ways you can earn tokens for FREE visit this Wiki article:  https://www.habbocreate.com/wiki/article-237/earning_tokens

* More methods to earn Tokens for normal users coming soon *

New FREE Widget

We have a new FREE Widget available for everyone NOW 'Icon Collection' show off all the Icons you have collected and see those you haven't!

Profile Fixes

Profile issues have now been fixed, if you notice anymore feel free to get intouch with us via the feed, pm or below on this new article. 

Donation Re-enabled

We are now accepting Donations via PayPal again on the shop which each package now includes Crystal Hearts too.

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