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Profile of the Month: September

Posted by Atlantic on the 09th of September 2017

Read 519 times by 261 people

Profile of the Month -  Dessert Cafe or Elegant

Every month we run a competition called profile of the month, each month with a different theme. This months theme is: Dessert Cafe or Elegant! 

Decorate your profile using the new range of stickers, backgrounds and icons. The most creative / well designed profile will win.

Winner will receive:


Site Award

500 Tokens

Rare site sticker

All Entries will receive:

50 Tokens

Site Award

How to enter?

Go to the shop, buy some stickers with your tokens and use them to decorate your profile! - Once your profile is fully decorated in this months theme, reply to this news post for us to check your profile. If you do not reply to the news post, we will not check your profile!

Saving Profiles

You can now purchase profile presets to save the look of your profile before you start theme month. That way you can revert back to your usual design! Profile > Start Editing > Presets

Judging Deadline: September 28th (This will be the date we check the profiles)

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