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Habbo Hotel Copycat?

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15 posts
7 threads
29 score
Posted 3 years ago
So recently PewDiePie announced that he will be releasing a game called Tuber Simulator. The game is a pixelated mobile game centered around becoming a YouTuber. It is at the head of a controversy that it is a copy of Habbo Hotel. The game is set to be released tomorrow (September 29th) and will be available on Android and iPhone.

I'm just gonna leave this here...
Related Furniture (That we know of so far)
and this...
Their game ad
Fan made Habbo ad

Personally, I think they at least took inspiration from Habbo and are trying to avoid Habbo, pinning them off as a small group that can't take on the big YouTuber. Still, they should look at it from a legal standpoint as Habbo is a corporation and could legally sue them. This is a lot different than a retro since, the owner is known and Habbo can easily acquire his personal information versus a retro owner.

Whats your view on this?

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