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The Military Insider - The 1st Edition!

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2 posts
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Posted 10 months ago

Brought to you by: Zeveth


Greeting folks!
My name is Grady, but I'm known on Habbo as Zeveth! I have been involved in Habbo Militaries since 2010, so I am pretty clued up on how they work and the methods they once used and methods that Militaries on Habbo currently use. The Military Insider will hopefully provide an insight into what each Military has to offer and a general overview of them. I aim to provide you with regular reports and news updates on each Military so that YOU can keep up to date with the Military group floor on Habbo! Now lets get down to business!

USDF/USDF_HQ/600+/4 - Consolidation
USM/HQ_USM/70+/2 - Involvement
USMC/MilitaryCareer/80+/2 - Involvement
BA/Garrison-UK/70+/2 - Involvement
CAF/CanadianControl/10+/1 - Exploration
Explanation of the table above:

Each military goes through a cycle of stages during its lifetime the stages are the following:
Exploration - A new military that has just opened and is finding their feet, trying to build a foundation to facilitate growth.
Involvement - People start to notice the military on the group floor and personnel numbers begin to rise slowly, new ideas and implementations of MOS/Rating/Offices/Divisions will be made here to provide personnel with regular duties.
Development - The Military is stable and growing at a steady rate, the military may be looking for organisations to take under their wing as partners/allies.
Consolidation - The military growth is still rising but the quality/reputation of the military is lowering and slowly reaching it's peak, the command team in charge of the military will face several re-shuffles and reconsider options for growth. At this point they might consider bringing new ideas to the table to entice a wider audience.
Stagnation - The militaries growth slowly starts to plateau this could be a result of many things such as: Loss of original features (other militaries using the same methods ect.). This leads to a decline in personnel as they are offered better opportunities elsewhere. 
Decline - The slow/rapid decline of personnel due to many factors an not limited to: leadership of the military withering; quality of experience within the military lowering and morale of personnel lowering overall.
Rejuvenation - The command team of the Military have implemented unique ideas and it has attracted more attention to the military resulting in their population and growth increasing once again. This could also be due to closure of other competing militaries and there personnel wanting to transfer in. This could also be a result of introducing a favourited military branch, If it is a branch that is a majority favourite then it would most likely grab the attention of a larger crowd.

USDF or The United States Defence Force is currently Habbo's largest military simulation, with 600+ personnel and still growing it is the military that new militaries aspire to be like! Originally founded in 2004 and re-established in 2015, this military has set new standards for new militaries on Habbo! They currently have 4 branches to choose from if you wish to join their military they are: US Navy, US Marines, US Army and US Air Force!
USM or The United States Military is Habbo's longest lasting military simulation, originally founded in September 2004 it has gone through many transitions and changes to survive and be the respectable military that it is today! This military has always kept to its very own unique method which is why it has been able to survive for this amount of time! Currently they only have one branch which is the Army, but they have a very unique system so, If you would like a different military experience to the others that I will be covering then this is the place for YOU!
USMC (MilitaryCareer)
USMC or The United States Marine Corps is a new military on the Habbo group floor. It is a newly establish military meaning there are many opportunities to join and make an impact on the future of this military! This is a very traditional military that has adapted its method to facilitate the modern changes, If you are looking for somewhere new, a new experience, this military is the place for you!
British Army (Garrison-UK)
BA or The British Army has been around for many years on Habbo, through various re-brands and ownership changes and the legacy still lives on to this day! This is a unique military on Habbo as it is currently the only British associated military! So if you are interested in a military with traditional methods and full of all things British this is the place for you!
Canadian Armed Forces (CanadianControl)
CAF or The Canadian Armed Forces is the newest military on the Habbo group floor! After talking with Senior Leadership of this military they plan to open up with 1 branch which is the Canadian Army, they are planning to impact the group floor in a traditional military fashion! If you are interested in being apart of this new military and boost it's growth as well as making an impact on its future then this is the place for you!

Thank you for reading the first of many editions of The Military Insider! Please leave any suggestions on what you would like to see in the next edition or comment on what you thought of this! Hopefully through this article I have been able to bridge the gap between the group floors and fansites! As always it is an honour to be producing this article and I hope it is welcomed so that I can produce more in the future!
Stay Frosty!
Kind Regards,

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