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Posted 10 months ago
Looking for series to binge watch these weekends? Get your netflix on as I'm about to tell you about the best, mind blowing, unexpected, sci fi mixed actions mixed with equality and sprinkles of sadness, SENSE8!

This series consist of two seasons with a total of 24 episodes that is going to make you feel the roller coaster ride of emotions! To begin with, this series took place almost on entirely on location around the globe some of it are South Korea, Mumbai, Nairobi and Reykjavik! Can you imagine how much money would the production cost?! Anyways, back to the real agenda. This series is about 8 strangers who are connected to one another through physic and their ability to speak, use any one of the strangers skills and even get to the memories of them like they have experienced it and they are called sensates. Realistically its actually some sort of human evolution and not many people have it. Through discovering what and why is it happening to them, they get close to each other like a family protecting each other thus comes challenges where they are actually being hunt by someone who's a lot stronger called Whispers and the journeys of the series are actually what made this series one of the best. Here's the trailer for you to check it out.

I'm not going to explain any further but if you really interested to watch it, here are some of my opinions or need to know about the series:
1. Season 1 quite boring actually as its just more to discovering phase not much of action but its a good introductory season as you will know what actually happened to them so brace yourself with some episodes that are just meh
2. Make sure you have your food delivery services on speed dial or bookmarked their websites as this series will glue you down to your couch!
3. Last episode Season 2 is two hours long, YES IT IS! Because its the last episode of the entire series. The reason why they put it to stop as the production cost is too much to bare so netflix decided to end it and yeah it sucks but what can we do? Every good thing must come to an end.

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