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Mac Miller Passes at 26

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230 posts
37 threads
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Posted 1 week ago

On September 7th, popular rapper Mac Miller passed away at age 26. The official autopsy has not been released, but rumor is that he passed away from a drug overdose. He had just released his most recent album, Swimming, last month. After his passing, many people took to social media, spewing mean comments at his ex, Ariana Grande, blaming her for his death, which led her to disable her instagram comments for a short period. 

Were you a fan of his music? Have you listened to his new album? How do you feel about people blaming Ariana?

I have not listened to all of his music, but I have listened to a few songs and liked his music. I don't think people should be blaming Ariana for the situation as she is not responsible for his actions.

Here are some news articles I found on the subject x x

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