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August Room Competition

58 posts
29 threads
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58 posts
29 threads
99 score

Diamond VIP

Posted 7 months ago

Competition is now over- Thread Closed - Karli SM


During the month of August we'll be hosting an Room Design Competition with the theme:

And everyone can take part!


1st Prize: 50c + 500 tokens + Exclusive Site Award 
2nd Prize: 30c + 300 tokens + Exclusive Site Award 
3rd Prize: 20c + 200 tokens + Exclusive Site Award 

ALSO Everyone who enters the competition is going to get an exclusive Site Award. 

How do I enter? 
To enter all you need to do is comment below with a link to your Room & a screenshot. 
To do that first upload your picture on imgur.com. 
Then you copy the link and paste it in the "Insert an image" bar. 
When you click on "Insert" it will appear in your comment. 

Must have a verified HBC Account 
Must follow the theme Tokyo
Must be original, don't copy someone's work! 
You must be the room owner 

Judging will be completed by Sebastian_O.-R., Sashellxx, Mystic-Unicorn and NikikotheTired on September 4th so please have your rooms completed and posted by then.
The winners will be announced on September 5th. 

Rooms will be judged based on creativity, design and originality. 
Good luck and may the best room win!


1st: Holy

2nd: Valentino

3rd: Ell

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