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HabboCreate's 2018 World Cup Prediction Competition

665 posts
152 threads
332 score
665 posts
152 threads
332 score



Posted 11 months ago
FIFA World Cup Prediction Competition

The FIFA World Cup is the largest football tournament of its kind in the world, and takes place every four (4) years. It brings together 32 countries that play against each other for a chance at obtaining eternal glory. Russia is the host country for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be the 21st time this tournament is carried out. The first match [Russia vs. Saudi Arabia] is on the 14th of July at 16:00 BST/GMT+1.

Winner(s) will receive:
300c *
Site Award
1,000 Tokens *
Rare site sticker

* In the event of there being multiple accurate predictions,
both the credit & tokens prizes will be split up
equally amongst all winners.

All entries will receive:
100 tokens
Site award

How to enter:
Registered HBC members will be given 48 hours to fill out the the bracket chart provided below with your best guess/prediction for the all of the football matches that will be taking place during this 2018 World Cup. Submit your entry to this thread.

Be sure to correctly place teams when filling out the R16 portion of the bracket. Circle/highlight the finalist you think will be champion!

Click here for the complete tournament schedule & overview.

The deadline for submitting your predictions will be as soon as the first match is initiated on 14/06 at 4pm BST.

Special thanks to @Poppy for putting together the amazing bracket prediction chart we will be using for this competition!

HBC: @Matters

Twitter: @HabboMatters

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