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HabboCreate Community > Competitions

HabboCreate World Book Day Competition

178 posts
50 threads
327 score
178 posts
50 threads
327 score
Posted 2 years ago

Thread locked as the competition is over.<br /> -Matters


It's time for another one of our Official badge events!

This time round we decided to go with the perfect theme of.. World Book Day.

To add something a little special to this event, we're throwing a little competition, just for HabboCreate users.

How to enter?

- Make your way through our badge event, you can follow the guide here.

- Upon entering the last room, don't go anywhere, this is your chance to shine.

We want you to dress as your favourite book character and post a screenshot of you in the final room with your look onto this thread.

How do I add an image to the thread?

1. Take a screenshot 

2. Head to the following site to upload your image: http://imgur.com/

3. Once uploaded, right click the image and select "Copy image address"

4. Head back onto the thread and select the "Insert an image" icon.

5. Simply paste your link into the box and that's it, easy!

Prizes Involved

For this competition we have decided to give 50 credits to the best NON-HC Boy and Girl and 50 credits to the best dressed HC Boy and Girl

The top 10 entries will also win an exclusive HabboCreate Site Award and Sticker!


* You must have the badge in order to enter this, we will be checking.

* You must only enter once on 1 account.

If you are reading this thread on a guest account, sign up now to our wonderful site and put Satu as your referral.

Best of luck to everyone.. now.. if you don't mind me.. we're off to see the....

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