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HabboCreate Radio Widget

How to use our radio widget on your website

We provide two different methods to use our radio widget on your website:


Adding via scripts

To add our radio widget to your website, you will simply need to edit the HTML of your website and place the following code in the HEAD of your document.

<!-- HabboCreate's Embedded Radio -->
<script src="//www.habbocreate.com/js/embedded-radio.js"></script>

Adding an agency to the Radio Widget (optional)

You may add your agency vote link by adding the following above HBCRadio.init()

HBCRadio.voteAgencyURL = '//www.habbocreate.com/agency/vote/my-agency-name';

Here is an example of how it should look:

<!-- HabboCreate's Embedded Radio -->
<script src="//www.habbocreate.com/js/embedded-radio.js"></script>
HBCRadio.voteAgencyURL = '//www.habbocreate.com/agency/vote/my-agency-name';

Disabling Autoplay (optional)

You may turn off autoplay by adding the following line above HBCRadio.init()

HBCRadio.autoplay = false;

Anchor Positioning (optional)

You may define the anchor type to set the position of the radio widget. You may use the following anchors:


  • bottomLeft
  • bottomMiddle
  • bottomRight
  • topLeft
  • topMiddle
  • topRight


To set an anchor, place the following line above HBCRadio.init(), see example below:

 HBCRadio.anchor = 'bottomRight';

If you have done this correctly, then the radio should appear on your website in the bottom right, like this:

Adding using an iFrame

If you prefer, you may use this iFrame instead.

Simply add this HTML code to your website:

<iframe width="400" height="160" src="//www.habbocreate.com/embedded-radio/iframe?autoplay=true&agency=" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Adding an agency to the Radio Widget

If you would like to add a vote link to your agency on HabboCreate, then put the name after agency= in the iFrame URL.

Disabling Autoplay

You may turn off autoplay by changing "true" to false in the iFrame URL.


iFrame Preview

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