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January Safety Campaign

Posted by on the 10th of January 2017


Description: Come down and learn all about password security in this January's Safety Campaign!

Room Owner: Hairuru

Room Name: January Safety Campaign

Step 1

Wait patiently in line...





Step 2

Once you are in the game area the bot will ask you a series of questions - flick the left switch marked by the T to answer "true" and the right switch marked by a F to answer "false"

You have 2 minutes to get 3 green lines, each correct answer = a green tile, incorrect answer = a red tile

Questions may be asked multiple times in one game -

A strong password contains symbols, capitals, and numbers - True
A good password is 8 characters or longer - True
A password manager software can be used to store your password - True
You should change your password periodically - True
You can protect your Habbo acount with safety lock questions - True
You should not use the same email for Habbo and fansites - True
Adding a number at the end of a password makes it hard to crack - False
Credentials should never be reused. (Habbo, email, etc.) - True
Swear words make you password really strong - False
You should never tell anyone your password, not even friends - True
A good password is 7 characters or shorter. - False
You should consider safety lock questions as extra passwords - True
You should always set up 2-factor authentication on your email - True
You can share your password with your best friend - False
You should avoid adding Habbos to other chat programs - True
Passwords that contain dictionary words can be cracked easily - True
You should use the same email and password on all sites you use - False
Safety lock questions on Habbo are a waste of time - False
Never use your birthday, name or username in your password - True
Your email should be valid if you need to recover a password - True
You should never go to a link written on a gift from ''Habbo'' - True
You should use the same password on Habbo as its fansites - False
Never use the same password for Habbo on its fansites - True
"Password123" is a good password - False

Once you have completed this you will be teleported out and receive your badge!