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[BAW] The Year in Review

Posted by on the 1st of January 2017


Description: Celebrate the New Year in style with the new BAW 2.0 event.

Room Owner: Hairaru

Room Name: The Year in Review - January [BaW 2.0]

Step 1

Line up to receive your first badge and wait patiently in line. 





Step 2

For 30 seconds, avoid walking on the ice patches by only standing on the colour tiles and step on the pressure plate that drops down. 






Step 3

Enter the teleporter. 





Step 4

Wait patiently in line!





Step 5

Walk on the yellow tile each time it changes direction, do not walk on the pink





Step 6

Enter the teleporter shown below.





Step 7

Wait patiently in line. 





Step 8

Three models will walk on the catwalk, but one of them hasn't got the outfit right.
Flick the switch in front of the model you think is different.
You need to flick the switch before the bots reach the end of the catwalk, do this 3 times.





Step 9

Make your way to the pressure plate while avoiding being hit by the cannons to receive the secret Kraken badge. Then make your way to the stairs. You have one minute.





Step 10

Enter the teleporter shown below.





Step 11

Wait patiently in line. 





Step 12

Make your way to the other side while avoiding the suitcases. 





Step 13

Enter the teleporter shown. 





Step 14

Wait patiently in line.





Step 15

Avoid the wolves for 45 seconds! Once you've done this you will automatically be given the badge!