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Grumpy Kong

Posted by on the 9th of January 2017


Description: Avoid the Grouch Fairy's barrels in this spin-off Donkey Kong game to earn your badge!

Room Owner: Hairaru

Room Name: Habbo Server Hub

Step 1

Enter the teleporter marked '2'. 





Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue until it's your turn. 





Step 3

At 2:35 you will be teleported into the game and you must get to the top within this time otherwise you will lose. 
Avoid colliding sideways with the barrels, or you will lose and be teleported to the back of the queue. 
The spaces between the walls and the steps are safe spots and you cannot be hit here, so move vigilantly and carefully from one safe spot at a time to avoid being hit all the way to the top (see image for example). 





Step 4

Once you have made it to the top flick the switch to receive your badge! 

Note - If you do not get this badge and the next three, the last badge will not be obtainable.