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Jukebox Hero

Posted by on the 3rd of January 2017


Description: Follow the steps below to become the ultimate rock star!

Room Owner: Hairaru

Room Name: Habbo Server Hub

Step 1

Enter the teleporter marked '1'. 





Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue until it's your turn.





Step 3

You must survive the game for 1 minute by stepping on the colour tiles that match when the guitar case is on the orange tile.
e.g when the guitar case is in the green lane, you must step on the green tile when it is on the orange tile in that lane (Note: you must re-walk on the tile if you are already on it)
If you do not step on it in time then you will lose and be sent to the back of queue. 





Step 4

When the game ends you will teleport to the drums and receive your badge. 

Note - If you do not get this or the next four badges, the last badge will not be obtainable.