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MOD-Davju's Pub Quiz

Posted by on the 7th of January 2017


Description: Take part in a festive pub quiz with our mushroom lovin' Moderator; MOD-DavjuTheTired

Room Owner: MOD-DavjuTheTired

Room Name: MOD-Davju's Music Pub Quiz

Step 1

Enter the room by clicking the link above and join one of the three roller queues to select your team. A maximum of 8 Habbo's per team can play at once.





Step 2

Once you have been assigned your team you will be teleported to the team bench.





Step 3

Listen to the MOD read out the quiz questions and answer correctly as a team. (We cannot give the answers as they will change each slot, so you must part take)





Step 4

If your team wins the most points, all 8 players will receive the badge. If it's a tie-breaker there will be a sudden death. Enter the teleporter to receive your badge.